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I’m delighted you’ve found your way here, because this is where your manifesting success rate is in store for a serious upgrade.
From here on out, you will not only understand more clearly the power of your mind to create what you want, but you will embrace it more easily than ever before!

If you’re:

  • tired of looking at a vision board that doesn’t do anything for you, or
  • bored with the routine of visualizing that hasn’t led to the results you want, and
  • thinking affirmations are a waste of your time

… you're in for a treat.


my intentions pack a quick punch!How do I know?

Experience has proven it.

From my own personal experience with this manifesting method, as well as the experience of many private clients, I can tell you that this process can be incredibly effective at shifting the vibe.

You know the secret to getting what you want is creating vibrational alignment, right?

(And if you don’t know that, it’s high time you did!)


Which simply means finding a way to feel now how you would feel then.


Once you’ve got that going for you – feeling now how you would feel then - you’re home free.  Magic stuff happens.  Ridiculous “coincidences” appear out of the blue.  Things you didn’t think possible happen right before your eyes.

It’s where the action is.  Vibrational alignment.  Feeling now how you would feel then.

Some folks accomplish that by imagining the future of their dreams (visualizing); some do it by acting as if they already have what they want; some create alignment by using spoken words (mantras, affirmations, scripting); others surround themselves with reminders of what they want (vision boards, sticky note affirmations).  Some just forget about goals and intentions and simply focus on feeling good (one of my personal favorites).
And those techniques can be amazingly effective for many of us.  They have been for me, and I continue to use a variety of them on a regular basis.

my favorite manifesting techniqueBut when it really matters, or when I’m feeling particularly challenged, when there’s something big that I really really really want that’s been slow in coming, I pull out a new pray rain journal.

It’s hands down my favorite manifesting technique.

And no, you don’t have to buy this ebook to know what it is. .  It’s simple stuff: writing a page a day about what you want as if you already have it.

 Simple.     Powerful.     Effective.

And this is way different than just plain old journaling where all we do is write about reality – what’s already happened.  This is a whole new gig.

I originally learned it from an energy worker here in Salt Lake, and was reminded of it years later by my Abraham-Hicks trained mentor coach.  (Listen to the audio clip above to hear the story of what it means to “pray rain.”)

it works freakin' miraclesRegardless of where it originated, I can tell you this: it can work miracles.

For achieving vibrational alignment I haven’t found any other manifesting technique I like better.
Because my clients also create miracles through this process regularly, I know it can work for anyone. 
Since I was spending a lot of time explaining the process and the power of it to clients one by one, I thought it would be nice to sum it all up in a concise package.  That way, someone doesn’t have to be my client to hear about it!

So that’s what you’ll find in the 34 page ebook and two audio recordings: all the details you could imagine as well as a handful of success stories about The Magic of Pray Rain Journaling.

 36 page ebook and two audio recordings

  • Do I have to do it every day?
  • What exactly am I supposed to write?
  • How long does each entry need to be?
  • What if I accidentally skip a day, do I have to start over?
  • Do I write on both sides of the pages or is it cheating to skip?
  • Does this process violate any of my religious beliefs?
  • What if I get to the end of my journal and I didn’t get what I wanted?
  • What if I want lots of things, can I write them in the same journal?
  • Is it okay to let someone else read it?
  • Do I have to start with a new journal, or can I use one I already wrote in?
  • What if my entries don’t make chronological sense?
  • How specific should I be with details?
  • How many journals can I have going at the same time?
  • Should I keep it generic or is it okay to write about someone else specifically?
  • How quickly does this work?

Yes, you ask great questions and I have good answers! Pick up the package now and you can be on your way to your next miracle tonight.

The ebook gives you all the info you need.  The first recording is a slightly edited version of the ebook, in case you prefer to hear it instead of read it.  And the second recording is a Q&A session covering your most asked questions.90 day guarantee

The whole package is very affordable at $27 and you’ve got a 90 day no questions asked guarantee.  (Folks used to pay me $200 to learn this process in a private coaching session.)


Here’s what you’ll find in the book that covers the most powerful manifesting technique I’ve ever found:

A better way to get what you want… without the hard work, struggle and sacrifice…

The #1 thing you have to do NOW in order to manifest what you want…

When it’s OK, in fact helpful… even necessary - to not follow this technique…

The one word to remove from your vocabulary to make the manifesting process successful

How I used this technique in my corporate job to turn a six week sales process down to 20 minutes, without cold calling…

How to give the universe a chance to send you what you want…

Real life case study of what the whole process looked like for me when I started my coaching practice…

Powerful tips to help you with the process of manifesting what you want…

Why you want to eliminate tolerations from your life and how to eliminate them…


At 34 pages this is a no fluff e-Book.  We won’t waste any time in getting you started in the process of manifesting whatever you choose for yourself!

Listen to what a couple of my favorite pray rain journalers have to say about the process:

I had been rejected by the best publishers in the world for over ten years and had no comparable prospects left for my manuscript. Then I used your Pray Rain Journaling technique.

And do you know what happened?

The publisher (the best in the country) decided to re-read my manuscript. She realized she loved it.

She took it to the acquisitions board and pitched it. They approved it, unanimously. I got the phone call, offering a contract - only it wasn't for just one novel. It was for three!

Kim FalconerAll it takes is a shift in thinking and Pray Rain is a wonderful way to begin.

I learned about Pray Rain Journaling in your money vibe course late May; got the call near the end of July. So it took 6 weeks at the most. And this is after trying to get published for over 25 years!

That's pretty amazing isn't it? (Except it's not because that's how our universe works!)

Kim Falconer

Zoe RouthI love your ebook! I've been pray-raining all week, and so far I've racked up a ton of sales, been more productive than ever, and just signed another new client. I love this technique!

Zoe Routh

I first heard you speak of the Pray Rain Journal on your very first telephone group session last year. I started doing the practice you described to manifest my ideal relationship. Well, I met him in February and a few weeks later I went back and read what I wrote. Some of the sentences happened exactly as I had written them - it truly was amazing!

After hearing this, my mom was inspired to do the Pray Rain practice to get accepted from a pool of applicants to a women's weekend fishing retreat. She wrote about what she would feel, see, hear, experience, etc. and even described people she met and conversations she would have. A week later, she got the call that she was accepted and said the weekend was even more amazing than she could have imagined.

I truly want to thank you Jeannette for making yourself and your wisdom so available to everyone. I have greatly relied on your mass emails for comfort and inspiration over the last year. I feel like I owe you a finders fee for my new boyfriend! You are a blessing!!!

Holly Madison,
Phoenix Arizona

I didn’t think I would be writing you so fast, but I just wanted to let you know that this stuff really works! I got your ebook about a month ago. The area of my life that caused me the most stress and worry was my finances, so I started writing a Pray Rain journal about my awesome wealth.

Here is what happened in only 20 days of writing:

  • I got a letter from the mortgage company that I overpaid on the escrow account, and that I will be getting about $850 back and my mortgage payment will be lowered by $100 a month!

  • About a month ago I applied for a home equity loan to have some money available as a cushion. Last week I received a letter saying I was denied the loan, which made me doubt for a minute if this process is really working. Yesterday I got a call that the bank made a mistake and that I will be getting the loan after all.

  • I’ve been wanting more business and I was open to any possibilities. End of last week I got a call from a current client needing about $10,000 worth of my services! J

This is absolutely awesome! I’m amazed at how quickly the universe responds when you’re aligned if only for a couple of minutes a day.

Thank you very, very, very much for giving me such a wonderful tool!


Okay, my friend, I don’t think I could make it any easier for you.  To pick up everything you need to know in order to start leveraging The Magic of Pray Rain Journaling for yourself, click here for an immediate download of the ebook and two audio recordings.

Jeannette Maw
Love & Miracles
Master Certified Coach
Good Vibe Coaching
PS – I want to hear back from you about what you manifest with your journaling!  My favorite part of the work I do as a Law of Attraction Coach is hearing your miracles, so keep me in your loop, please!
PPS – in case you missed it, here’s the link again to pick up your copy of The Magic of Pray Rain Journaling.  Enjoy and happy manifesting! 



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